Andy Staples is Stalking Us

From his latest power rankings:

South Carolina fans are a lot like Chicago Cubs fans — only more downtrodden and with a greater appetite for sweet tea vodka. They assumed when quarterback Stephen Garcia took an inexplicable safety against Alabama on Saturday that the wheels would fall off. They didn’t. South Carolina recovered. Now, the faithful believe the Chicken Curse will strike in Lexington in a classic letdown game. That’s possible, but if the Gamecocks realize what’s at stake, they won’t slip. South Carolina is good enough this year to win the SEC East — and maybe the entire conference. If the Gamecocks believe that, they may ward off the curse.
Last game: Beat Alabama, 35-21
Next game: Saturday at Kentucky

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It’s like he’s looking into my VERY SOUL*.† Creepy.

*Except for the Chicken Curse part, because† that doesn’t exist.

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