We’re Still Not Over It

And you know what I’m talking about.

Since Saturday I have had numerous conversations with Gamecocks fans. I’ve read several articles in print and on the internet. I’ve listened to post-practice comments from the coaches and players. And we here at TRC have even had a board meeting on the topic. From all of these discussions, one thing sticks out to me:

We’re all still mad.

We’re still mad that our defense couldn’t hold a thirteen-point lead. We’re still upset that the offense turned the ball over in

AUTOMATIC (Request Number Change)

each of its last four possessions. We’re still flabbergasted that our safety couldn’t scoop up a game-clinching fumble. We’re still befuddled by our inept return game. We’re still annoyed that Chris Culliver is a veritable personal foul machine.

We’re still furious that we lost the Auburn game.

Now, unfurrowyour brow for a moment. Unclenchyour fist and stop pounding your head on the table. I think it’s agood thing that we are not happy. Maybe we’ve grown up as a fan base, as coaches, and as a team. Maybe we finally think like an SEC school.

Think about it: we could be in gleeful,spastic, celebratory afterglowlike the C.T.U. crowd. They are still so ampedabout their overtime loss to an SEC squad that they can’t stop strutting and congratulating every overall-clad bumpkin they meet.

We used to be similar to C.T.U.inits quest for belonging and outside affirmation. Not long ago, we Gamecocks would be thrilled to hang with aperennial power in front of a national tv audience. Now, we are used to the experience, and even have a name for it:

We call it Saturday.

So are we upset? Yes.

And thank goodness for it.

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