Brent Musburger is a Gangsta, and Other Things I Learned on Labor Day

Takeaways from the Virginia Tech / Boise State clash?
Well, I could comment on how Nike Pro Combat is ruining the college game (You got your Tron Convention in my Football!). Or I could lament the fact that an early season victory against a spastic ACC foeapparently qualifies you to play in a BCS bowl. Or I could note that Special Teams are to Beamerballas a Wahl Groomsman Eliteis to Gman’sbodyhair (used to be integral, but are now woefully neglected).
But I won’t mention any of those things (wait. .), because the biggest bombshell from the Labor Day telecast of the Hokiesand the Broncos was commentator Brent Musberger and his unnoticed-until-now thug-life bona fides.
A sampling ofquotes from Big B to illustrate:

- Time to roll ’em up, pardner, time to roll ’em up
- Boise State is gonna burn one, and then we’ll be right back!
- Its that hash again, the hash alwaysgets him.
And then finally,to underscorethat Brent is street (and you better recognize it):
- Kill Shot, that was the Kill Shot
I’m not sure what was going on. Was Musburgertrying to stay young, hip, and relevent, oris he in on the joke andhaving a little fun with us?
Or maybe, just maybe, it was sports commentary as performance art, and he was seeking to draw our attention to the disparity between the designer suits upin the air-conditionedpress boxand the sweating hordes (disproportionately minority at that) in the corporate-sponsoredgladiator match below.
Or maybe, Brent Mushburger is justa gangsta.