Number Association Countdown – #8 – Teddy Crawford

In case you missed the origin of the Number Association Countdown, you can find it here.† The reason I bring it up is to defend myself for #8.† Here is what I wrote back then:

Thereís no rhyme of reason to the selection, itís basically the first person that pops in my head when I think of the number.

So former Gamecock DB Teddy Crawford pops in my head.† Not Fred Bennett or Colin Mackie or even someone more recent like Larry Freeman.† And my single specific memory of Mr. Crawford is not a good one.† It was a Thursday night game at Arkansas a few years ago.† We got spanked, Demetris Summers got carried off on a stretcher, and Teddy gave us this gem:

Arkansas has a slim lead and the ball in Gamecock territory with the game still very much in doubt.† The Hog QB drops back, looks left and fires a pass towards his WR about 20 yards downfield.† The pass has absolutely no zip†on it, and Crawford breaks on it perfectly.† He has nothing, and I mean nothing, but green grass in front of him.† But the ball goes right…through…his…hands.† As if that’s not bad enough, the tipped ball floats through the air and is snatched by the intended target.† The Arkansas WR strolls into the end zone, and we never recover.

I’m not sure who I feel sorrier for that I remember that so well, me or Teddy.

2 thoughts on “Number Association Countdown – #8 – Teddy Crawford

  1. I remember that play like it was yesterday. This is one of many (maybe a thousand or so) examples of why, as a looongtime gamecock fan, I can say “oh yes it can”…… when asked “It can’t get any worse, can it?”

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