Coming Attractions: Gamecock Best Case/Worst Case Breakdowns

Head’s up! On Monday TRC will be starting our Game Week features for Week 1. We won’t be doing lame predictions (yet) or position by position breakdowns telling you why our running backs get the proverbial check mark over USM’s linebackers. We’ll leave that to thehalf millionother blogs you visit during the work day from your cozy office, cube or Wi-Fi hot spot.

Instead we’ll be continuing in TRC’s grand tradition of unique features like the Number Association Countdown and the SundayNight Snark by presentinga featurewe like to callthe Best Case/Worst Case Breakdown. We’ll be going over the best and worst case scenarios for each ofUSC’spositions for the upcoming season. We’ll make you feel really good about our team, and then immediately turn around and make you feel anxious and miserable. You’re gonna love it.

On Monday I’ll cover offense, Tuesday T-bone will take defense, and on Wednesday G-man will cover by far the least important and therefore last of the three phases of game, special teams. (Bah, kickers, who needs ’em.)

Only one week to go until football season, can you dig it?