Number Association Countdown – #14 – Phil Petty

OK, I’ll admit it if nobody else will – I never really wanted Phil Petty to be our quarterback.  I didn’t want a game manager.  I didn’t want a guy who didn’t take chances and make mistakes.  I wanted somebody a little taller, a lot more athletic, with a stronger arm.

But when Phil Petty walked off the field for the last time as a Gamecock, he had done what I wanted most, won a heckuva lot of games (relatively speaking of course).  He persevered through Scott’s last year and Lou’s first, and helped give us a boatload of memories, including:

– The 2000 victory over #9 UGA, then the dramatic final drive and TD pass against UGA in 2001.

– Back-to-back Outback Bowl victories over Ohio State

– The 300-yard game and comeback for the ages against Alabama

– Spraining his ankle against Mississippi State.  What?  Don’t look at me like that.  That was a big, big play that led to “The Fade”.

This one was my favorite though. I was watching at the G-man’s house, and for the only time in my life made an immediate rub-it-in-your-face victory call to an obnoxious Georgia friend/fan.

Two random side notes – I’ll never get enough of Brian Scott’s Huggy Bear strut after that touchdown.  And why, oh why is Ron Franklin not the prime time play-by-play guy for ESPN?  He makes Mike Patrick look like Todd Ellis.  (I’ll apologize to Mike Patrick later and let him know I was just trying to make a point.)

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