Number Association Countdown – #15 – Matthew Thomas

Here’s a little trivia for you – South Carolina has returned exactly ONE kickoff for touchdown since 1997. Want to guess who it was? Oh, right, the headline…

Matthew Thomas burst onto the scene in 2001 as a true freshman with a spectacular catch on the game-winning drive in a 13-9 win over Georgia. He went on to have a solid season that year, and much more was expected of him in following seasons.

The kickoff return of 95 yards against UVA in 2002 showed a flash of who Thomas could be. But a subsequent fumble by Thomas in the same game, returned for a touchdown by the Cavs, showed us the reality of Matthew Thomas – talented but very inconsistent.

Maybe we expected too much out of the lightly recruited DB/WR out of Georgia. But it’s really his fault for showing us those occasional flashes of brilliance. Isn’t it?

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