Number Association Countdown – #23 – Terry Wilburn

Why Terry Wilburn?  Why the heck not.  The lack of memorable players over the years to wear the number 23 for South Carolina is mind-boggling.  It took me a while to recall Tremaine Tyler, and a couple of days to think of Mike West (who also wore number 44 for a time.)  Besides that, I’m at a loss.

Wilburn was a serviceable tailback in the early 90’s, also a part of the ’92 upset of UT.  I remember he had a few decent games, and I remember thinking he would probably be more successful if he didn’t wear such huge shoulder pads.  (Hello, random memory, good to see you again.)

Here’s to some more memorable 23’s in the coming years.  Although it may be at least a couple, because with all due respect, I doubt Brandan Davis is going to get it done.

– buck

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