Bubba Drago Must Break You

South Carolina backup QB Connor Shaw Bubba Drago continues to stare down the competition (the press) and convert the unbelievers (the coaches).

Add The Post and Courier’s  beatwriter Travis Haney to Drago’s list of admirers.  In reflecting on the quiet, compelling strength of the native of Georgia Russia he mirrors our own earlier thoughts: “Every sentence ends with this defined awkward silence. When he’s done, he’s done. On to the next. Shaw has a distant look in his eye during those times. His gaze seems to say he would rather be on a football field. And it’s probably true.”

Gamecock QB Coach G.A. Mangus is also smitten.  “It’s just ‘it,’Mangus said. “And I wish I could define that. It’s an intangible thing. It’s the way they carry themselves, a quiet confidence. He’s got all that ‘it.’

Lock up the women and children, gentlemen, because Bubba Drago may be headed to your town.  Oh, and if you happen to be a scholarship QB at USC, put down that barley pop and get to work, cause Drago is gunning for you, too.