Number Association Countdown: #25 – Mike Reddick

In honor of the beginning of college football season, today we will begin counting down by referencing former Gamecocks’ jersey numbers.  There’s no rhyme of reason to the selection, it’s basically the first person that pops in my head when I think of the number.  If only I had thought of this 74 days ago…

#25 – Mike Reddick – If you were fortunate enough to be there, who could forget Oct. 31, 1992.  USC stunned Tennessee 24-23 when Hank Campbell snuffed out a UT two-point conversion attempt.  But earlier in the game, Reddick, a redshirt freshman from Miami, FL, snuck out of the backfield and hauled in a pass down the crease for a touchdown that seemed to give the Gamecocks the momentum they needed.  He also got additional cool points as he crossed the goal line, dropped the football and threw up the Omega Psi Phi “que dog” hand gesture.

Reddick didn’t do a heckuva lot the rest of his career, but we’ll always have Halloween.

– buck

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