Gamecock Week In Review

Some stories from around the Gamecock universe:

– Stephen Garcia announced his new diet plan.  It involves eating what you normally eat, some light jogging, and cutting your beer intake by four percent.

– Carolina football players are fair game if you feel like doin’ some punchin’. Especially if you happen to carry a badge.  They can’y hit back for fear of getting kicked off the team, and it gives you wonderful stories to tell your grand kids!

– Stephen Flint announced he was quitting the Gamecocks.  In a related story, it appears that someone named Stephen Flint was a member of the football team.

– The backup QB gave a post-practice interview this week. He answered every question with quietly furious stares and a steely confident demeanor.  After viewing the clip, I’m convinced fictional boxer Ivan Drago visited a local watering hole in Flowery Branch, Georgia about 19 years ago and met a chaste young lady who was momentarily taken in by the big Russian.  In fact, I hereby dub the so-called Connor Shaw by his rightful name “Bubba Drago.”

– In a moment of rare self-realization, Clemson Tiger University head screw Dabo Sweeney opened fall practice with Bruce Springsteen’s nostalgic anthem, “Glory Days” blaring on the loudspeakers.  The exact moment Dabo realized that things had passed him by?  My guess:

The sun must have been in C.J.s eyes

 - Tbone


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