The Bandwagon

The TRC bandwagon keeps you up to date on the best places to get Gamecock and other sports-related news and entertainment.

Our Favorite Websites

Every Day Should Be Saturday – We lead with this because it is the standard bearer for all college football blogs.  Spencer Hall and Co. somehow manage to be offensive without offending, and trash your school in a way that makes you laugh.  The humor is not for everybody, and for those people, we feel sorry.

Sportstalk – Friends of the blog, and the best on the beat.

Garnet and Black Attack – A good site for free Gamecock stories and information.

Gamecocks Online – Duh.

Go Gamecocks – Property of The State, very good reporting of all things Gamecocks.

Saturday Down South and Team Speed Kills – Excellent blogs for SEC football.

Gamecock Central, and The Big Spur – These are the folks in this business to make a little dough.  If you’re willing to drop $10 a month on “insider” information, then take your pick. Who’s the best?  Heck, we don’t know.  All we know is stay away from message boards, they kill brain cells.

Cockytalk – Website design hasn’t changed since 1997, so you know it has to be good.  Seriously, we love that these guys do it for the love of the Gamecocks.

Tigernet – An absolute hoot to visit immediately after a USC victory over CTU, or after CTU loses 70-33 to somebody.

Our Favorite Twitter Follows

Most objections to Twitter involve the phrase “I don’t get it”.  Let me make this clear – you don’t have to “get it”.  You don’t have to get hundreds of followers, and you don’t even have to tweet.  Sign up for an account, start by following the people below, and thank us later.

@rubrchickens – Hey, that’s us!  Two smartasses using one Twitter account can occasionally lead to unintentional schizophrenic hilarity.

@thebucksterr – That’s Buck.

@ITS_DABO – It’s Dabo.

@edsbs – No further explanation needed.

@sportstalksc – Whether it’s Kornblut or K-mac, the most bitter, envious, sniping tweeters we know. We enjoy them immensely.

@lizcgunn – Gamecocks ladies who tweet are the best…er, second best…behind our wives, of course.

@bclickclack aka @teamgarcia5 aka @WookiePaNub – Freakishly frequent tweeter who should not be crossed. Ever.

@LifeofaGamecock – Makes us mad because of a) how much he knows about Gamecock sports and b) how much nicer of a guy than he is than us.

@scotthood63 – Good follow, not terribly stingy with his information even though he works for an “insider” site.

@GamecockRadio – He blocked us, so follow him and follow us and retweet him so we can see what asinine things he’s tweeting today.  #kissthering #winanyway #battle

@GABAttack – The Garnet and Black Attack guys.

@HalfCockedShow – Also a Garnet and Black Attack production. You don’t have time to listen to two podcasts, so listen to theirs.

@MeetMeAtTapps – Connor Tapp, host of the Half Cocked Show. I guess has this Twitter account to tweet controversial things he doesn’t want associated with the show.

@Jorge_Stevens – George Stevens, master of the sh*tty photoshop to get a retweet, sometimes co-host of the Half Cocked Show who has apparently offed the Feathered Warrior.

@ChickenHoops – Great follow especially during basketball season.

@JoshatTheState – Seriously good reporting. Also has us blocked for reasons unknown.

@JayBilas – For entertainment value only.

@PhilKenSaban – From his very own Twitter bio: “Nice guy. Hater. Binge drinker. Excellent speller. Hypocrite. Entendre enthusiast. Enjoyer of sauces. Cock.” A must follow.

@GamecocksOnline – Duh.

@Haney1075 – His name is Haney, so I guess we have to follow.

@bubbaprog – Post screen captures and short videos from sports broadcasts.  Entertaining.

@ajcbraves – If you happen to be a Braves fan.

@LSUFreek – The best farker on the planet.

@smartfootball – Don’t know how this guy is not a coach somewhere. Then again, maybe he is.

Are you missing from this list?  Sorry, we’re not perfect.  Shoot us an email and we’ll get you added.

11 thoughts on “The Bandwagon

  1. By the way, I’m not totally sure if the above is sarcasm, but y’all do realize me & PegPelvisPete are one and the same, right? Because I’d hate to think I’m leaving my college loyalty in any sort of question on Twitter and would step up my homerism and Fuck Clemsons posthaste.

  2. So, we are only allowed to visit Cockytalk to read play by play practice reports instead of reports with actual analysis in them?

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