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The Rubber Chickens Blog is a creation of Fishing Weekend, Inc., which is a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs. Contributors to the Rubber Chickens blog will only be known by their blog names, because they have jobs, families, and quite frankly, are a little frightened of you. In alphabetical order, they are:

Buck – native of eastern South Carolina, current resident of North Georgia; married, one teenage son, one toddler daughter (woopsies!); balding, a little overweight, but strangely confident, probably because he has a hot wife; frustrated athlete, especially now that he’s over 40; frustrated writer, especially now that he’s over 40; frustrated photographer, especially…aw, you get it.

G-man – A second son, now with three sons of his own; currently listed in the Book of World Records under two different headings: Most Degrees from the University of South Carolina, and Largest Amount of Inappropriate Body Hair; small, nimble, but surprisingly slow; has managed to eke out a solid living by hard work, dedication, and complete neglect of his blogging responsibilites; sometimes references things like “facepage” and “tweating” but makes up for these shortcomings by having a sportagraphic memory, and a really nice boat.

T-bone – a cosmos, of Carolina a son, turbulent, fleshy, sensual, eating, drinking and breeding, No sentimentalist, no stander above men and women or apart from them, no more modest than immodest. /Something I cannot see puts upward libidinous prongs, seas of bright juice suffuse heaven. The earth by the sky stayed with, the daily close of their junction, the heaved challenge from the east that moment over my head, the mocking taunt, See then whether you shall be master! (Too Much?)

19 thoughts on “About Us

    1. We are all three Gamecocks fans . . . as well as graduates of Carolina.

      The ‘outsider’ part is a gentle poke at those elsewhere on the web who pretend to be ‘insiders’

      Thanks for the read.

  1. Hey Guys!
    Looks like the Gamecocks are having a great season! Just wanted to share an event happening this weekend at the USC Basketball and Football games – Whal’s Mobile Barbershop will be outside the game giving free haircuts to get guys looking good for the game! If you are interested in posting about the event just shoot me an email.

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  3. Hey guys, just found your blog. UMD Terrapins alum/fan here, soon to be 2nd ex-ACC school, thanks to USC for leading on this. I found you searching for some data on USC’s 1971 departure. Do you remember if USC had to pay anything at all for the pleasure of leaving the ACC in 1971? If so, that was not mentioned in the May post on the topic. Thanks. JL

    1. I honestly don’t know. My guess would be no, or if it was anything it was probably minimal. Times were so different, I think leaving a conference like we did was fairly rare. Or at least a lot different than what we’ve seen the last few years.

  4. I’ve been spreading the word about you boys on plamettostaterivals.com. Your take on Carolina is the best and I just about pee in my pants when y’all discuss Pam Ward and Andy Demetra. Go Cocks!

    5 out!

  5. Hi Buck:

    funny illustration on USC’s 5-game winning streak against Clemson

    would like to chat about it

    can you pls email me when you get a chance

    Rick Millians

  6. Hi Guys – I love the site. Keep up the good posts. I am in Charleston and experience the Clemson/USC rivalry first hand. Yall people are nuts!

    We are building technology to help podcasts listeners talk back to shows and with other sports fans. I would love if you all can check out my site and give me feedback. Your feedback could be crucial during our development. Check it out here: utalksportsradio.com

    Would love to hear back from you: bairdhall25@gmail.com

  7. Hello!

    My name is Claudia Guthrie, I’m a writer at Inside Columbia Magazine in Columbia, Missouri. I’m currently working on our special Tiger Town issue and I’m contributing a short piece about the different teams the Mizzou Tigers football team is playing this year — strengths and weaknesses of the team, etc. I was wondering if you would have a second to talk with me about the Gamecocks.

    You can email me at claudia@insidecolumbia.net if you’re interested.

    Thank you so much for your time!

  8. 2015 Gamecocks EDM remix! This is sooo nice. This will have everyone ready for South Carolina football this year!!!

  9. All this talent in South Carolina and USC continues to go out of state.. Example Aiken High School widereceiver Antawn Chandler 5’10 160 lbs. 4.32 forty time, caught everything thrown at him in high school Punt returner/ kick returner. Best long jumper on a talented tract team, anchor for 4×100 and ran 200. But Steve Spurrier Jr goes to Florida. Even went to Spurrier camp and showed up, Spurrier Jr even threw the ball to him and told him he loved his route running speed and brakes USC luck might change when they start looking at local talent before going out of state just saying……

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