TRC Unleashed 93 – A Very Special TRC Thanksgiving

The Rubber Chickens return with some Thanksgiving musings ahead of the showdown with Clemson. Included:

  • How we’re doing in the game of life
  • Gamecocks we’re thankful for
  • Who’s the greatest Gamecock ever
  • What will it take to beat Clemson
  • Where is the Music City Bowl?
  • How early can you start drinking on Thanksgiving
  • Possible bowl destinations

Click the graphic below to stream this episode, or listen via iTunes right here, and enjoy!


One thought on “TRC Unleashed 93 – A Very Special TRC Thanksgiving

  1. For the guy looking for podcasts: Gamecock radio is good, gabacast is decent, the garnet scar is ok, cool chicken was entertaining not sure if he quit tho, same for half cocked. They were really entertaining but inconsistent of late. Backstreet birds started but think they quit too. So there’s plenty to fill a Gamecock void. TRC is the best next to gamecock radio but they are professional media. TRC seems to need their egos stroked that’s why they won’t give out any podcasts or respond to anyone on Twitter with less followers than them.

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