TRC Unleashed 87 – Reunion Tour

Buck, Tbone and the Gman return after their longest hiatus yet. There’s plenty to ponder, including:

  • How do we feel about Will Muschamp on the eve of his first season
  • How do we feel about the Gamecock football team as a whole
  • Who will be the starting QB
  • What the hell is wrong with David Williams
  • Why the hell would you think we could win 8 or 9 games
  • Our award-winning Twitter Questions segment
  • Gone Demetra Gone

All this and so, so much more. We’re glad to be back, and hope you are glad we’re back. And if you are we’ll be glad that you’re glad that we’re back aw hell here’s the links:

iTunes Link

Streaming: Click here or click the graphic, and ENJOY.


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4 Responses to TRC Unleashed 87 – Reunion Tour

  1. Glad y’all are back. Missed the podcast. I hope y’all will record more this season. Could be a long one.

  2. Hill william says:

    They play more than just football at USC.

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