The Transitive Property Report – Week 6

Here is Ralph Webb because he is about the only Vanderbilt football player I know.
Here is Ralph Webb because he is about the only Vanderbilt football player I know.

We’re on an every other week schedule of posting the TPR because it takes us that long to build our courage back up. Here is the first ever post-Steve Spurrier Transitive Property Report.

Week 6 Results:

North Carolina (4-1) – Open date.

TPR for UNC: Since we didn’t publish a TPR last week we missed the Tar Heels’ victory over Georgia Tech. Back in August that would’ve been a big deal, but the Jackets are really terrible, so at this point it’s just a big, fat whoop-tee-doo.

Kentucky (4-1) – Open date.

TPR for Kentucky: The ‘Cats face their first real SEC test this weekend against Aub…ah, never mind. Even though they’re still average as grits, they’ll be in the mix for the SEC East title for at least one more week.

Georgia (4-2) – Lost to Tennessee 38-31. Two straight losses and a horrific looking knee injury to All-American Nick Chubb. Zoinks.

TPR for Georgia: The Bulldogs season has gone to hell in a hand basket over the last two weeks. So much so that there’s now a large part of their fan base that wants Mark Richt gone. If that happens, I wonder if there are any schools that might be interested in him.

Central Florida (0-6) – Lost to UConn 40-13. Holy cow how bad can this get for the Knights.

Use the promo code TRC2015 all during football season to get 10% off your entire order at Blue Moon Disk.
Use the promo code TRC2015 all during football season to get 10% off your entire order at Blue Moon Disk.

TPR for UCF: They are a shockingly terrible football team considering they won 12 games and a BCS bowl just two years ago. (Yes I cut and pasted this from two weeks ago.)

Missouri (4-2) – Lost to Florida 21-3. Maty Mauk takes to Twitter to retweet bad things about his teammate. Join us in the flames Mizzou, misery loves company.

TPR for Missouri: I hate that they beat us so handily, because they are not good. Thing is, when we start our climb back up the ladder, they might be the first rung we step on.

LSU (5-0) – Beat South Carolina 45-24. A simple matter of men vs. boys.

TPR for LSU: The Bayou Bengals will not win anything significant this year, but they are a rough and tumble team.

Vanderbilt (2-3) – Beat Middle Tennessee 17-13. A rare road win for the Commodores.

TPR for Vanderbilt: Possibly our last chance for a win over a BCS team this year. When you look at USC, it’s really difficult to find anything positive on the offensive or defensive side of the ball. Vandy at least has a tough defense. This will probably be a nail-biter.

Texas A&M (5-0) – Open date.

TPR for Texas A&M: The Ags have Alabama at home this weekend, we’ll find out if they’re for real this time. As far as our game against them, I don’t want to talk about it.

Tennessee (3-3) – Beat Georgia 38-31. Picked up a much, much needed win last weekend, and did it in dramatic fashion. There’s no denying they have talent, the question is still about the coaching.

TPR for Tennessee: I have had this one chalked up as a loss since before the season started, and I have not been given a reason to think otherwise to this point.

Florida (6-0) – Beat Missouri 21-3. The Gators are one of the hottest teams in the country and have moved into the top 10, but had some wind taken out of their sails with the suspension of Will Grier.

TPR for Florida: I just can’t shake the feeling that we have a chance in this game. I don’t know if it’s realistic or not. We’ll know more after they play LSU this weekend.

The Citadel (3-2) – Beat Wofford 39-12. The Bulldogs have either won or lost by double digits in every game this season.

TPR for The Citadel: Can we please just get this over with. Please.

Clemson (5-0) – Beat Georgia Tech 43-24. Going into the season the Tigers looked like they would have at least three challenging games by now. Unfortunately Louisville and Georgia Tech have wildly underachieved. The Notre Dame game still looks like a pretty good win.

TPR for Clemson: Nobody wants to hear this, but the Tigers have a very good shot at going undefeated and getting a spot in the college football playoff. They have Florida State left, at home, and that’s about the only team left that can realistically give them a run for their money. And FSU is not nearly the team they have been. This edition of Gamecock football fits nicely into their anemic schedule.

Projected final record: 4-8

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  1. I think we should title this week’s game against Vandy the Bottom Bowl. Just slightly worse than the toilet bowl. The battle to find out which team is at the bottom of the SEC. Can’t wait. Please keep the blog up. . .I am one of the five people that enjoy listening and reading the posts.

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