The Transitive Property Report – Week 4

Mizzou freshman Drew Lock gets his first career start against the Gamecocks this week.
Mizzou freshman Drew Lock gets his first career start against the Gamecocks this week.

Whoa, we totally forgot about the TPR last week. Not “didn’t have time to do it” or “was having computer problems so couldn’t do it”, but just flat out forgot to do it. Fear not fair reader, for we are back.

Week 4 Results:

North Carolina (3-1) – Beat Delaware 41-14. After losing to the Gamecocks in their season opener they’ve rebounded by beating three straight tomato cans.

TPR for UNC: The more I see them the less I think of them. Thank God we won that game.

Kentucky (3-1) – Beat Missouri 21-13. They finally won an SEC game against a team not named South Carolina or Vanderbilt. Thank you for removing us from that dubious company Mizzou.

TPR for Kentucky: Copy and paste from two weeks ago: I don’t Kentucky is any better than they were last year, I just think we’re worse. They’ll still struggle to get to bowl eligibility. Have fun in Birmingham, Wildcats.

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Georgia (4-0) – Beat Southern 48-6. A nice tune-up game for the Bulldogs before their showdown with the Crimson Tide.

TPR for Georgia: If Greyson Lambert can continue to play well enough to keep the pressure off Nick Chubb and Sony Michel, Georgia should be able to cruise to the SEC East title uncontested.

Central Florida (0-4) – Lost to USC 31-14. The Knights had some momentum in the first half, then they remembered how bad they are.

TPR for UCF: They are a shockingly terrible football team considering they won 12 games and a BCS bowl just two years ago.

Missouri (3-1) – Lost to Kentucky 21-13. You lose to Kentucky, Maty Mauk, and the powers that be find a way to make your disappear.

TPR for Missouri: Nobody has believed in the Tigers since they joined the SEC and they’ve continued to prove people wrong. That time has come to a close. This team is not good, which gives us about a 50/50 shot this weekend I’d say.

LSU (3-0) – Beat Syracuse 34-24. I didn’t watch so I have no idea why this game was only decided by 10 points.

TPR for LSU: After our game with them people will be calling him Leonard Four”hundred yards”nette.

Vanderbilt (1-3) – Lost to Ole Miss 27-16. Vandy put a scare into the third-ranked Rebels. Which puts a scare into me.

TPR for Vanderbilt: Vandy has gone from (in my head) sure win, to probable win, to GROOOOOAAAAAN.

Texas A&M (4-0) – Beat Arkansas 28-21. This game was more about the Hogs’ failures to finish the Aggies off. Regardless, the Aggies remain undefeated.

TPR for Texas A&M: Have you SEEN the wide receiver talent on that team? Reynolds, Kirk, Seals-Jones, Noil, etc., etc., etc. What a nightmare.

Tennessee (2-2) – Lost to Florida 28-27. Butch Jones has proven he can recruit, but has still not proven he can coach.

TPR for Tennessee: If they keep losing, they’re gonna be awfully mad by the time we roll into town.

Florida (4-0) – Beat Florida 28-27. A borderline miracle final minute minutes keeps the Gators undefeated.

TPR for Florida: They seem to be improved under McIlwain, but I’m still not convinced. Should be a good one in Columbia.

The Citadel (3-2) – Lost to Charleston Southern 33-20. The Bulldogs have fallen on hard times since their fast start.

TPR for The Citadel: Will still be painful, but should be a win.

Clemson (3-0) – Bye week.

TPR for Clemson: The Tigers play the biggest game in college football history Saturday night against Notre Dame. God is so not happy about this that he sent a hurricane to try to ruin it.

Projected final record: 5-7

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