Buckshots: 1998 Gamecock Flashback

1998 Gamecock Media Guide
1998 Gamecock Media Guide

This series of audio blog posts recapping every season since 1987 were originally posted prior to the 2013 season and are sponsored by our friends at Blue Moon Disk.

Tbone fills in for Buck and takes us through Brad Scott’s final season as Gamecock head coach, a dreadful 1-10 campaign.

After a season-opening victory over Ball State, USC would slog through the worst season in the program’s history (a designation that would last all of 12 months). Tbone tells us about Gman’s ominous prediction after the first game, a loss to new D-1 member Marshall and their green polyester-clad fans, and listening to the Ole Miss game in his car at the beach – which I think qualifies as a clinical sickness.

Also, in 1998 a gentleman named Billy Reed from Kentucky wrote an unforgettable (believe me, we still haven’t forgotten) article about what a huge mistake it was to invite South Carolina into the SEC, basically because we were such pathetic losers. We have lost a total of two (2) football games to Kentucky since that article was written.  (If anyone has access to the contents of that article, please contact us, we’d love to post it.)

The season culminated with a loss to a 2-win Clemson team in probably the most forgettable game of the series. Both teams would have new coaches when the 1999 season began.

It’s a scene man. Click here or click the graphic to listen, and enjoy!