Buckshots: 1992 Gamecock Flashback

1992 Gamecock Football Media Guide
1992 Gamecock Football Media Guide

This series of audio blog posts recapping every season since 1987 were originally posted prior to the 2013 season and are sponsored by our friends at Blue Moon Disk.

The year 1992 was one of the most eventful in South Carolina football history. It was the 100th anniversary of the program, our first year in the Southeastern Conference, and the team made things interesting by starting 0-5 and then winning five of their last six, including a victory at Clemson. In between several players led a “revolt” to try to have Sparky Woods removed as head coach.

Marty Simpson was a redshirt sophomore kicker on that squad, and he joins Buck to give some behind-the-scene stories on how the season played out, including:

  • The Wright Mitchell, Blake Williamson, Steve Taneyhill quarterback carousel that eventually led to Taneyhill taking over the starting job
  • What really happened in the locker room during the “player revolt”, and Sparky Woods’ reaction
  • Some significant contributors aside from Taneyhill that season, including Brandon Bennett and Toby Cates
  • How the filming of the major motion picture “The Program” impacted the team on a daily basis
  • And you know how Taneyhill famously signed the Tiger paw? Well, Marty took a piece of the Tiger paw with him

We’d like to thank Marty Simpson for joining us for this episode. Be sure to check out his website and YouTube channel.

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