TRC Movie Review – #HereSC Redux

The latest TRC “movie” review focuses on a heartwarming sports story about two defensive coordinators who despise each other but must work together for the betterment of their team. Coaches Hoke and Ward put aside their differences…no, wait, that’s just a remake of Remember the Titans.

This review actually covers the latest gem from the South Carolina marketing department, the launch of the second “Here” campaign. From

“The popular ‘Here’ campaign used by multiple sports during the 2014-15 season began its second year with a new football video today. The 80-second video launches an integrated campaign to promote the May 8th football season ticket deadline as well as the availability for new season ticket sales.

‘We were thrilled with the way the `Here’ campaign was received by Gamecock Country,’ said Associate AD/Chief Marketing Officer Eric Nichols.”

Did he just say Gamecock Country? When did we go from being a Nation to a Country? Is that a step down? Maybe it just sounds that way.

First off, I’m not sure what metrics were used to determine the original campaign was “popular”, but we’ll give the Eric the benefit of the doubt, since he was thrilled with the way it was received. We’re guessing a few more season football tickets were purchased, particularly by those possessing blue collars and garnet hearts. (Even if it meant skipping a rent payment or two.)

But let’s touch on the most positive aspect of the latest video –


We spoke, and the athletic department listened. Thank God they did away with that 75-year-old John Facenda rip-off and replaced him with what sounds like a 20-something African-American gentleman. This is good because I don’t think we have any 75-year-old white dudes we’re recruiting for the defensive line.

And my man preaches. He might not be the perfect choice, but he is certainly a tremendous upgrade over Wilford Brimley.

Once again, from a visual standpoint the production team does a nice job. That said, there was nothing particularly original about what they showed. Cover up the Gamecock references on the weights or the t-shirts and you pretty much have any weight room in America. I’m also not sure black and white is the best call here, but it’s a toss-up so I’ll let that slide.

Once again the script is groan-inducing. I wish we could tell you the athletic department listened to our criticism of previous scripts, but alas, it was not to be.

(BTW, I’m just assuming Andy Demetra is writing these at this point because it fits our long-time narrative of bashing him because he’s simply not likable.)

Let’s look at some of the lowlights:

“This room is a lab with four walls, 15 tons, and a volume searching for eleven.”

Cool, four walls, 15 tons and…wait, what? Did he just reference “This is Spinal Tap”? This is (allegedly) classic Demetra, invoking an admittedly famous line from a movie MADE IN FullSizeRenderNINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR. I can’t wait to hear the next video to see if Andy sneaks in a reference from one of his weekends of binge-watching Monty Python.

“He’s got teeth you know! And he leaps!”

“Here I grind for my state.”

At or near the top of the list of words that need to be banned from the sports lexicon – grind.

“Will one more rep make a difference?”

Depends, will it help us get a fourth quarter defensive stop?

“Here we won’t leave those questions unanswered.”

Because, at least last year, the answer was no.

“Because when the game is on the line, and my brothers are counting on me, that quit switch is the only obstacle to becoming legendary.”

I understand this is a hype video, but whoa, let’s slow down on the “legendary” talk. We’re coming off of a 7-6 season and lost quite a bit of offensive production, and have to attempt to recover from having the worst defense since the Brad Scott era. Instead of becoming legendary why don’t we focus on a 5-3 conference record, ok?

And a “quit switch”? What the hell Andy?

Quick note – the player on the bench at the 53 second mark of the video is wearing a “Steve Spurrier 2008 Football Camp” shirt. Not saying that’s good or bad, just kinda funny.

“Here the fourth quarter begins now…”

Oh, great, then let me take a couple of pain killers, grab a bottle of bourbon and watch Josh Dobbs shred our defense for 300 yards and four touchdowns. Seriously, I would’ve steered clear of any fourth quarter references.

“We have no choice but to lace ‘em up…and finish.”

Cliche’ alert.

“Here, glory isn’t given, it’s earned.”

Or, in our case, neither.

“Here, it’s great to be a Gamecock.”

If anyone at Clemson had a shred of talent it would be so easy to spoof the “Here” campaign. Fortunately nobody there does, so we’ll just remind you how much we disliked the first iteration of the Here campaign.

All in all, the effort in this video is slightly better. But again, there is nothing remotely special about it. Cover up the logos, names and stupid hashtag, and this becomes pretty much any football locker room in the country.

For TRC, I’m Buck, and we’ll see you next time at the movies.*

*Movies = YouTube

3 thoughts on “TRC Movie Review – #HereSC Redux

  1. Great stuff, Buck! I imagine that the response to our criticism of how old these videos skew is that they’re purportedly part of a campaign to sell season tickets, and people who buy season tickets aren’t usually especially young. But is there anything about this video that makes it especially clear that it’s goal is to sell season tickets? Like, if Nichols wasn’t telling us that’s what it’s goal is, would anyone have been able to guess that’s what its intended purpose is?

    As you mention, the script is groan-inducing. It doesn’t add anything to the video. In fact, it’s a distraction. People watch football videos to see athletes doing cool stuff, not to listen to a marketing department gild the everlasting **** out of the lily.

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