TRC Unle shed Epis de 71 – The Vand rb lt Rev ew

Yes, the title is correct because we have a few technical difficulties along the way, but you can still hear enough to know that Buck and Tbone are not happy with the way the season is shaping up, and GMAN IS THE VOICE OF REASON?!? It’s a bizarro podcast, where you’ll hear about:

  • The offense – not so bad
  • The defense – not so good
  • Special teams minus the kickoff team – not so bad
  • The kickoff team – OH GOD BURN IT ALL TO THE GROUND
  • Twitter questions
  • Florida State – Clemsoahahahahahahahahahaha
  • Other nonsense

Click here or click the graphic to listen, and enjoy!


One thought on “TRC Unle shed Epis de 71 – The Vand rb lt Rev ew

  1. IMO the defense was solid until the final 3 minutes of the game – I guess they were in prevent, and let Vandy’s backup QB throw 4 completions for 70 yds and a TD. Up until then, USC had held Vanderbilt’s offense to 309 total yds and 13 points. One lone touchdown pass and 2 FGs. That’s not too bad – the defense can’t be held to blame for the 2 kick-off return TDs. And despite it being Vanderbilt which was struggling offensively, it was on their home field and IMO was a sign of improvement for our young defense. But then that final 3 minutes ruined a solid effort…

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