TRC Unleashed Episode 70 – The Georgia Review

Hey, it’s a victory over Georgia podcast! These podcasts are only eclipsed by victory over Clemson podcasts in terms of fun, so you’re in luck. Tune in and hear the TRC gang discuss:

  • How, strangely, ECU helped set the mood for the day with their win over Virginia Tech
  • The atmosphere before, during and after the game, including South Carolina’s great tradition of “Cocky in a Box”
  • A Dylan Thompson we told ya so
  • Other offensive and defensive observations (and when we say offensive, we mean offensive, not offensive)
  • Those dang officials that screwed Georgia!
  • We’ve won 9 of 10 against our two biggest rivals we don’t think you understand how amazing that is
  • The Blitz Gameday Jewelry Rubber Chicken Awards
  • Twitter questions, including “cookies or donuts?”

All these things and so much more on episode 70 of TRC Unleashed.

Click here or click the graphic to listen, and enjoy!