TRC Unleashed Episode 68 – The Texas A&M Review

The TRC crew returns with the first game review of the 2014 season, and it ain’t pretty. The trio goes over the defensive, offensive and special teams failures from Thursday night, and even offers up some nuggets of advice for the coaching staff. Listen up, and you’ll hear among other things:

  • Is this the worst opening loss for South Carolina…ever?
  • Is it the worst loss since the last game of 2003?
  • Tbone tells us how to fix the defense, beginning with moving Brison Williams back to safety
  • We wonder why so much grief was heaped upon Dylan Thompson
  • We wonder why Shon Carson is still returning kickoffs
  • Some surprising Rubber Chicken Awards
  • A recap of other SEC games, including that Georgia-Clemson things
  • A far from comprehensive preview of East Carolina
  • Some NFL Gamecock news, and why Connor Shaw never had a prayer to make the Browns 53-man roster

Come commiserate with us, won’t you? Click here or click the graphic to listen, and enjoy!