TRC Unleashed Episode 67: The 2014 Season Preview

TRC Unleashed is back like a bad rash, itching and oozing all the way to game time. Buck, Tbone and the Gman give you a preview of the 2014 Gamecock football season, complete with:

  • Banter about the offense and defense, but not special teams, because we all know it’s not really a third of the game right?
  • Disagreement over the type of season Dylan Thompson will have: great or super great
  • TAMU predictions, including a shocker
  • A speed round, featuring game by game predictions – two predict and SECCG appearance
  • The Spurrier banner, and legacy since January 2010
  • An explanation of what a Shepard Fairey-style Grand Moff Tarkin is
  • How many days it has been since Clemson last beat South Carolina

All this and so much more. Welcome to the 2014 college football season!

Click here or click the graphic to listen, and enjoy.