Buckshots: 2000 Gamecock Flashback

Last year we did an audio review of every Gamecock football season since 1987. Due to popular demand, we will be re-running the series this summer leading up to kickoff against Texas A&M on August 28.

It was a new century and Lou Holtz and the Gamecocks were looking to beak the nation’s longest losing streak (21 games) and give the fans something to cheer about.

They did that and much more in 2000, starting the season with two goalpost-destroying victories, including a stunning win over ninth-ranked Georgia and interception throwing machine Quincy Carter.

We also had The FadeBodybag and the Great Arkansas Quarterback Massacre, and Ryan Brewer’s legendary Outback Bowl performance in place of the suspended and enigmatic Derek Watson.

We also had this load of crap.

Relive one of the most memorable seasons in Gamecock history on this edition of Buckshots. Click here or click the graphic to listen, and enjoy!