TRC Unleashed Episode 65 – Stop Looking at Us Like That

Look, sometimes you just have to conduct a podcast without any forethought or script. And sometimes when you’re done it’s a smoldering pile of Indian food wrapped in dirty diapers. It happens.

That said, we still invite you to listen. I mean, we can’t help but be entertaining, even if it’s by accident. On tonight’s podcast we discuss:

  • How we don’t trust this Yardcocks team (prove us wrong boys!)
  • How despite having the number one overall pick, the NFL Draft was a bit of a bummer
  • How the Gamecock marketing department continues to miss the mark
  • How do grumpy old men respond to being asked to spell Laimonas Chatkevicius and Mindaugus Kacinas
  • And actual football talk!

All this and so much more. Click here or click the graphic to listen, and enjoy!



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