That Was Your #Gamecock Week That Was


Quick reflections all things gamecockery from the last week:

Love the Sinner, But Hate the Sin:   We all learned yesterday that Head BB Coach Frank Martin has earned himself a game off for some much-needed R&R.  This outburst, which some folks seem to believe is a tad excessive, resulted in a forced vacation from the regular season finale.  Gotta be honest here, folks: I don’t see this as a big deal.  I’m a pretty good lip reader, and its clear to me that Frank is politely inquiring as follows: “Hey, Duane, you mentioned the other day that you might need a lift to your podiatrist appointment tomorrow.  You want to text me in the a.m. or something so I can plan the rest of my day?  OK?  Sounds good, buddy.”

The Ten Second Rule is Dead, and I Don’t Feel So Good Myself:  Seriously never understood all the hoopla about this proposal.  The game changes.  That’s its only consistent feature.  These hurry up offenses are obviously  impacting the way the game is played, so shouldn’t the governing body at least consider a reasonable response?  Rather than some artificial clock deadline, I’d suggest a simpler approach: just have the ref stand over the ball for a beat or two more and give both sides a chance to at least look like they are set.  This is supposed to be a football game, not a see-who-can-punk-the-other-guy-best deal.

Yardcocks Continue to Roll:  Your intrepid blogger usually tries to suspend excitement (even interest) in the baseball team until post-SEC tournament, at the earliest.  But this year I find myself all swept up in the excitement.  Of course, so did the Clemson Tigers, if you take my meaning, har-har-har.

Horsecocks Continue to Dominate: Ranked #1 in the nation for 13 straight weeks, and now set to face Auburn for the SEC championship.  Oh and the equestrian ladies got several members of our football team to pose awkwardly on some very overwrought horses.

WBB is WOW:   Direct all your clicks hither.

Shaw Me Your TVs:  One last, fond, look at the greatest quarterback in Gamecock history:

  Note how Connor is so poised and polished in front of the crowd.  Really looks comfortable, ready for prime time, doesn’t he?  Big change in demeanor from the nervous kid that first talked with local reporters back in 2010.

r/cfb/ Thread of the Week:  This photo, posted by an Auburn fan (of all people).  A postapocalyptic view of the WB?  Or an epic view of downtown Detroit?  We aren’t sure, and the composition is a tad off, but its a cool concept nonetheless.

The Upstate School continues to do such Upstate School Things.   [Sigh]   It’s so one-sided now, that the HBC no longer even says the word “Clemson” anymore, and we are going to follow suit.    Well, from now on, anyway.  We won’t say “Clemson” that is.  Starting now.

Oh, and Spring Practice started, or didn’t, or at least kinda did, it was hard to tell.