TRC Unleashed Episode 55 – The Tennessee Implosion

TRC Unleashed laments opportunities missed in Episode 55, and also discovers just how soothing a Clemsoning can be for the soul. In this week’s episode:

  • We find out what Gman and Tbone would do with 2:55 and three timeouts facing 4th and 2
  • The unbelievable abhority (new word) of our special teams
  • Who else can we depend on to score the football (new phrase)
  • Mike Davis in beast mode
  • JD Clowney’s new persona
  • The Rubber Chicken Awards brought to you by @blitz_jewelry
  • #Skypeproblems
  • Gamecock football: Is this all there is?
  • #horsecocks report
  • This Week in Dabo

And a bunch of other stuff. I’m honestly a little afraid of what’s included in the episode as we finished late and I did minimal editing. So we think you’ll laugh, we’re just not sure if it will be with us or at us.

Click here or click the graphic to listen, and enjoy!