Would a Clemson Fan Pull for USC? If it Meant a National Title, You Bet


(Note: The following takes out of consideration the Clemson fans who “pull for South Carolina when they are not playing Clemson”. Those people don’t actually follow sports.)

Do you think there is scenario in which the entire Clemson* fan base would ever yell “Go Cocks”? The idea is not as far-fetched as you might think, and it could happen as soon as the first Saturday in December.

Now, the Tiger fans might not literally yell those melodious words together, but they could be put in a position where they would be forced to pull for us. Let’s just imagine:

  • South Carolina wins the rest of their games on the SEC schedule prior to the annual showdown with Clemson*
  • Georgia drops one or more SEC games left on their schedule
  • Clemson* comes into the game with South Carolina undefeated
  • Alabama wins the rest of their regular season games
  • Oregon wins the rest of their regular season games
  • Clemson* defeats SEC East Champion South Carolina (hurts even typing that)
  • Alabama finishes the regular season ranked first, Oregon second, Clemson* third
  • Oregon wins PAC 12 Championship Game, assuring a spot in the BCS National Championship game
  • Alabama faces South Carolina in the SEC Championship Game on Dec. 7 (kick time TBD)
  • Clemson* faces an extremely beatable opponent in the ACC Championship Game on Dec. 7 (8 p.m. kick)

Do you see what’s going on here? It’s really not complicated – if Alabama and Oregon win out, they will play for the crystal football, locking Clemson out of the national title game. Clemson will not jump undefeated Alabama or Oregon in any scenario.

However, if all of the above happens, South Carolina springs the upset of Alabama, and Clemson* takes care of business in the ACC Championship…then whoa, the Tigers* 32-year exile from their rightful place at the top of the college football heap will be OVER.

Clemson* would not have a choice, they would be forced to pull for us in this scenario. They could make it to the National Championship Game, and it would be because of us.

(To be clear, it this did play out, I would probably start a petition that we forfeit the SECCG.)

But alas, I’m certain it will not go down that way. The team from Tallahassee is going to see to that this weekend.

Go ‘Noles.

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