Things That Are, Things That Are Not – UCF Edition

A rundown of random things that actually are, and other things that, actually, are not:

ARE correct models of subatomic matter:  The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, The Wave-Particle Duality

NOT:  Bohr Models

ARE valid uses of bacon:  Omelets, Salads, Sandwiches–well most everything, actually.

NOT:  well, clothing, I guess.

ARE the 2010 ACC Atlantic Division Champions:  Florida State

NOT: Clemson*

ARE sometimes golden:  potato chips, wedding rings, sunsets, showers, the spray paint on Notre Dame’s helmets,

NOT:  The UCF Knights.  They don’t like being called the “Golden Knights” apparently.  News to us, but since we don’t particularly like being called the “Garnet Gamecocks”  we will can comply.

ARE involved in game day playcalling:  Steve Spurrier, G.A. Mangus, Shawn Elliott, Brent Venables, Chad Morris, Whammy Ward

NOT:  Dabo Cornelius Swinney

ARE Duck Dynasty Endorsed:  Everything, Everywhere.  Evidently, this contrived reality series has taken over our culture to such an extent that it is nearly impossible to transact basic commerce without “Duck Commander” stamped on the product.  Dutch Tulip Mania, anyone?

ARE SEC:  South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, LSU, Alabama, Texas A&M

Supposed to be SEC: Kentucky

NOT:  Central Florida, Clemson

ARE going to be 3-1 after Saturday:  South Carolina, Central Florida, Georgia (dang it)

One thought on “Things That Are, Things That Are Not – UCF Edition

  1. You left out a not at the end there homie….

    Teams that will be 3-1….

    NOT: Clemson

    Why don’t you post the video of your POS coach drunk on TV? 5th page of google search is a well established cock site you got going on here…typical Columbia community college education I guess…haha who am I kidding…you couldn’t even get in there!

    Thanks for lettin me stop by!

    *************MODERATOR COMMENT: This loser was apparently on the 5th page of a google search of a rival school. Yikes.

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