TRC SEC TV Weekend Viewing Guide (now with lots of initials)

The Gamecocks are taking a much-needed break this weekend–well the Carolina players and Coach Deke Adams are taking a much-needed break.  The rest of us are still hungry for CFB, so here’s your weekend viewing guide:


THURSDAY: (that’s today!):  7:00 pm –  ESPN –  Clemson* vs. North Carolina State.

Yes, yes, I know this isn’t an SEC game.  It should be, but not in the way your think.  Clemson* will never be in the SEC, despite their collective pillow gripping fantasies, but NC State coulda been.  Not because the Wolfpack are some football powerhouse, but because our state’s northern neighbor needs a real football school, and the SEC can wait 20 years for Raleigh to build one.  Heck they gave us that long, right?  But during the last go-round of expansion we got stuck with Missouri instead . . . .

Side note here:  Since before the season started, I’ve called this week’s game as  a Clemson* loss.  First road game, etc., etc.  But now I have my doubts.  See, for all their delusions of grandeur and claims of superiority, the specific fevered level of hubris necessary for a complete clemsoning collapse has not yet been reached.  Right now, I’m hoping it holds off until November in the Billy B.

FRIDAY: Cut your damn grass already.  Geeze, what an embarrassment!  Your neighbors hate what you are doing to their property values, you lazy buffoon.


12:00 – Some channel you probably don’t get – Vandy vs Umass.

Don’t watch this game.  Please don’t.  Instead spend some time with your miserable family and feign interest in whatever it is they talk about.  Then slip away at:

3:30 – CBS – Florida vs Tennesee.

HAHAHAHAHA you thought I was gonna say Arkansas vs Rutgers on ESPN, didn’t you?  You didn’t?  Oh, nevermind.

Florida is a pretty big hurdle on our schedule down the road, or at least we hope it’s still important when we get there, so watch for scouting purposes if nothing else.  One under-reported theme that is developing for our Gamecocks is Whammy’s inability to stop a power running attack.  Both of these teams purport to have big physical Olines and a stable of backs, so watch to see which one can gain the upper hand.

Its gonna be Florida, of course, but work with me here.

7:00 – ESPNU – Texas A&M vs SMU

Yawn.  Turn immediately to:

7:05 – ESPN2  – Alabama vs Colorado State

Double Yawn.  Grab a snack and then flip to:

7:45 – ESPN – LSU vs Auburn

Cause we need LSU to be really, really, good next week in Athens.  Pull for tons of Tiger offensive rhythm, and absolutely no injuries.  If the game gets lopsided, switch over to:

8:00 – Big Ten Network (no, I’m not making this up) – Missouri vs Indiana

The fact that these two Midwestern Midmajors are facing off on the BTN is perfect.  See my comments on NCSU v. Clemson*, above.

Happy viewing!