TRC Unleashed Episode 49: The Carolina-North Carolina Game

TRC returns with a late-night edition of Unleashed, where we make factual errors and talk about:

  • An odd-feeling opener against UNC but that’s ok we weren’t terrible
  • Offensive and defensive performances from the game
  • What it’s like to have a camera on a defensive lineman an entire game
  • What happened across the rest of SEC, including with the 15th SEC team
  • We get all curmudgeony about Johnny Manziel and HUNH offenses
  • This Week in Dabo
  • How awful it’s going to be to live alongside Clemson fans this season
  • How many days it’s been since we lost to Clemson in football

Join us for these topics and oh so many more…hey, look at that we got through the whole thing and didn’t type the word “Clowney” once…


Click here or click the graphic to listen, and enjoy!