If I Could Freeze Time


I have enjoyed this week. I have enjoyed this week of Gamecock football more than any non-football week ever. And I wish I could freeze time right here, and soak it in for just a little longer.

This week brought us:

I want to freeze time right here because we have these two guys, arguably the best player in South Carolina history and not arguably the best coach in South Carolina history. I want to freeze time right here because of the team we’ll be fielding in six weeks, and the possibilities. Oh, the possibilities.

Survive week one; sneak out of Athens with a win; run that three-game middle-of-the-season road gauntlet; beat Florida for the SEC East; beat Clemson for that elusive thumb ring; Atlanta; Pasadena?

It’s fun to think about. Today.

We say we can’t WAIT for football season, and I’m with you. But the truth is when we start practice in about two weeks our grandiose dreams of roses will fade into another hallmark of Gamecock fandom: we’ll start to worry.

A two-quarterback system never works. Our linebackers are SO young. Who is our go-to receiver? Oh no, <insert player name> tweaked an ankle. If we don’t get pressure on the quarterback we’re going to get picked apart. Why the hell aren’t we running the ball more? Why the hell aren’t we throwing the ball more?  

It’s completely natural. Especially for us. Natural to wring our hands and rub our faces. I do it every Saturday in the fall.

So today, July 19, 2013, I want to think about Spurrier and Clowney and Gamecock football just the way it is. It’s fun. And we’re good. Really good. We haven’t had this much fun, or been this good, in our 131-year history.    

Maybe we’ll win all our games. Maybe we won’t.

Either way, it’s great to be a Gamecock. Especially today.

4 thoughts on “If I Could Freeze Time

  1. Is there a way to start a slow clap over the internet? Because this is the perfect moment for that to happen.

  2. You have encapsulated all Gamecock fans’ current feelings perfectly! Well done! I’m ready for football and praying there won’t be a lot of teeth gnashing and hand wringing!

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