TRC Unleashed Episode 46 – Technical Difficulties

TRC Unleashed would like for you to believe they talked to Trey Dyson about the upcoming NCAA regional this weekend, but there’s no proof it actually happened. You’ll just have to trust us, and instead of hearing Mr. Dyson listen to us talk about:

  • Rage Against the Machine
  • The NCAA Regional (with Trey Dyson’s real thoughts)
  • Frustration and/or excitement over having Clemson in our regional
  • Shawn Elliott media guide photo (!!!)
  • If we had 24 hours with Steve Spurrier…
  • Gamecock traditions we could live without
  • Our Twitter followers who have injured themselves during games (thanks to all who participated!)
  • TRC walk-up songs

It’s a technically unsound, raucous and classy time all rolled into 30 odd minutes.

Click the graphic to listen, and enjoy!