Fred Thompson Explains ACC Grant of Rights Deal


Hi folks, I’m Fred Thompson.

Boy, times are sure tough nowadays.

And I understand how unpredictable and unpleasant conference realignment can become.

If you are like many American football conferences, you may be looking for a simple solution to help ease your financial worries.

Well, I may have a solution that is right for you:  A Grant of Media Rights.

A Grant of Media Rights is a government insured* program that allows you to make use of your hard-earned equity in your own conference.

It could help you get much-needed cash, right now, to:

–  upgrade your facilities

–  renegotiate inequitable television contracts

–  keep other expansion-minded conferences at bay

Or simply improve your conference’s brand and give you the football lifestyle you so richly deserve.

I’m extremely proud to be associated with the ACC, a regionally recognized sports leader in many non-revenue sports (plus basketball).

That’s why I want to send you this free DVD, about how to sign away your unneeded future self-determination in exchange for a sense of security in the here and now.

Its safe*.

Easy to understand.*

Effective* tool.

That can give you peace of mind in an uncertain world.

Why don’t you give ACC a call today?

Just pick up the phone, and call me at 1-800-ACC-BROKE.



* claims are not representative of actual facts, rights, or other legal representations, but represent only the anecdotal opinion of the spokesperson depicted.
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