USC Pro Day Brings Levity, Inspiration

Editor’s Note: To enhance the reading of this blog post be sure to check out the fine interview with Marcus Lattimore conducted by Connor Tapp and George Stevens over at Garnet and Black Attack. Also, if you haven’t listened yet, Justin King joined us for TRC Unleashed earlier this week, check it out. 

USC held its annual pro day today at Willia…

Whoa,  whoa, hold up a minute. When did “pro day” become a thing? I mean, I know it’s been a thing for a long time, but when did it become a THING? You know, press types fighting for press credentials, non-press types fighting for press credentials, me checking Twitter every ten minutes for updates, etc. These types of days can’t keep happening, I have to be productive at work at least more days than not. But I digress…

As of this writing I haven’t seen many updates on who helped themselves, hurt themselves, etc. I’m sure that will come out in time even though I WANT IT NOW INTERNET. The best player nugget I saw was Byron Jerideau throwing up 37 reps of 225 on the bench, which is grownassman strength, and should help him.

Two things did happen today that made me smile. The first, golden quotes from a guy who perspires golden quotes. The second, inspiration from a guy who seems to have no other option but to inspire.

First, Steve Spurrier gave these nuggets to The State beat writer and close personal friend of the blog Josh Kendall:

Awesome, and requires no further commentary from me. That would just screw up the beauty of it all.

The other thing – the inspiration – well, you know who that’s about.

I wrote this the day after Marcus Lattimore went down with the worst injury I have ever seen in my 30+ years of playing and watching sports. I encourage you to click on it and read it. Not because it’s filled with great writing or inspiring words, but because it helps lend perspective to where #21 is today.

Today, Marcus worked out for scouts, and the scouts applauded him when he was done. I dare say that’s never happened at any other pro day workout, for any other player.

Then I arrived home this afternoon and watched this great tribute from Justin King. Enjoy.