The Transitive Property Report – Week 7

The Transitive Property Report comes to you a little late this week, but I typically react to the first loss of the season by pouting like a spoiled little brat and refusing to have anything to do with football for a little while. Aw, heck, I actually respond that way with any loss, so be prepared, things could get downhill quicklike if we don’t bring our A game to Gainesville.

Here’s how past and future opponents fared last week:

(Reminder: I do not include this past week’s opponent in the TPR.)

  • Vanderbilt – lost to Florida 31-17. This game was actually close most of the way. At one point Vandy scored on a long TD to apparently take the lead over UF, but a penalty nullified the score. You know the refrain, “Vandy being Vandy”. TPR for Vanderbilt: Starting to play decent football. A strong finish could get them in contention for bowl slot.
  • East Carolina – beat Memphis 41-7. Memphis is a 17-car pileup, but nevertheless the Pirates get their fourth win of the year. TPR for ECU: About like a bag of microwave popcorn, satisfying at the time, but easily forgotten.
  • UAB – lost to Houston 39-17. The same Houston team that just gave up 72 points to Pony Express-less SMU. TPR for UAB: Blech.
  • Missouri – lost to Alabama 42-10. Mizzou’s application to the SEC is currently being reviewed to make sure all papers were properly signed. TPR for Missouri: 0 SEC wins, so I’m not sure how you can take anything positive out of our pantsing them.
  • Kentucky – lost to Arkansas 49-7. We can complain about our schedule now that we’re about to play our third straight top 5 team, but in retrospect the first five games of the year were about as easy as it gets, culminating with this victory. TPR for Kentucky: We were losing to them 17-7 at the half. I can’t shake that, because they are TERRIBLE.
  • Georgia – bye week. Somehow they are still in decent position to win the East if we stumble. Have to stop there before I get really pissed. On a side note, apparently UGA changed their mind about playing us later in the year and complained to the SEC office, so now we’re their first SEC game again in 2013. TPR for Georgia: Remains to be seen. Like us, the UF game will be their barometer.
  • Florida – beat Vandy 31-17. The Gators are riding a wave of confidence and are somehow ranked second in the BCS. They have some quality wins, but we’ll be the best team they’ve played. TPR for Florida: Like I felt before the UGA game, I have no idea how this game will play out. Which bodes well for us. Maybe.
  • Tennessee – lost to Mississippi State 41-31. The Dooley watch is on. TPR for Tennessee: They have enough talent to beat us if we’re not at our best. Still a scary game to me, especially early in the day and coming off an emotional game at Florida.
  • Arkansas – beat Kentucky 49-7 (!!!). Of course Arky starts to get well late in the season. Of course, everybody gets well against Kentucky. TPR for Arkansas: Wary, definitely not as confident as last week.
  • Wofford – lost to Georgia Southern 17-9. Wofford’s first loss of the season. TPR for Wofford: STOP SCHEDULING OPTION TEAMS.
  • Clemson – bye week. The big news out of CTU this week was Dabo had them all sign a “commitment poster”. Dabo picked up the idea from a self-help book he’s currently reading called “Shystering for Dummies”. TPR for Clemson: 4peat coming.