In Defense of the “OVER-RATED” Chant

Not Overrated

A lot of people seemed to be frustrated and angry that thousands of our fans broke out the “over-rated” chant at the end of the Georgia game Saturday night. A few took to Twitter to voice their displeasure, including some of our favorite media members to scold the fan base for somehow diminishing our win over the #5 team in the country.

Then, this morning I came across this article from Randall at the Garnet Report (which has been a fine addition to the Gamecock blogging community I must say). He complains about some fans leaving early and the wave and the songs the band plays and that kinda stuff.

He also wags his finger at the fans who participated in the “over-rated” chant:

Chanting “Overrated!” You’re obviously not using your head on this one. Think about what you’re implying when you’re heard on national TV yelling about how overrated Georgia is. ‘Hey, national TV audience! This team we’re playing today? They’re not very good. Not very good at all, in fact. We just wanted you to know how wrong you were about how good you thought they were. This win isn’t actually very impressive, come to think of it. Since Georgia’s not very good and all. So thanks for putting us on TV! We’ll just keep on beating up on this not-very-good opponent and hope that you still want to slide us way up in the rankings tomorrow!’ What possible reason do we have for wanting Georgia to be overrated? We want Georgia to be EXACTLY as good as everybody thought they were. We want Georgia to finish with the same number of SEC losses as us (if we lose a conference game, that is), so that we’d go to Atlanta with the tiebreaker over them. That would help our BCS standing. If Georgia sucks, our win looks less impressive to the computers and opens the door for someone else to get a big bowl bid over us. If Georgia is really good, the computers like us as much as the humans do, and we can all prance down to the BCS Promised Land together.

First of all, how many people do you think were sitting at their TV’s and said to the person next to them, “Hey Jim, what are they saying? Overrated? Hmmm. By golly maybe they’re right, Georgia is overrated! Well, my respect for this South Carolina team is diminished greatly!”

Or maybe a pollster who watched the game: “Well, Florida State and LSU lost in addition to Georgia. We should probably move South Carolina up to #3, but you know, their fans were chanting ‘over-rated’. This really gives me pause about whether they should move up at all, since obviously UGA was overrated. I mean, the fans’ rhythmic chant told us so.”

No, that didn’t happen. Anywhere. People saw us hammer a very good Georgia team and now we’re not only in the SEC Championship picture, but the NATIONAL Championship picture.

Look, the “overrated” chant has been around forever. It’s a great college chant, right up there with “air ball”. It is not and never has been a vehicle to lessen the accomplishments of the team/fans delivering the message.

“Overrated” is simply salt in the wound, a twist of the knife to your hated rival. I’m a UGA hater from the late 70’s, and I got a kick out of hearing the chant. Kick ‘em while they’re down I say.

At the end of the day we can’t control how good or bad Georgia is. I hope they’re good, really good. But if we don’t keep winning it doesn’t really matter.

We’re the #3 ranked team in the country. Let’s have some fun with it. No inferiority complex needed.

4 thoughts on “In Defense of the “OVER-RATED” Chant

  1. Disrespectful is when the UGA band played while our starters where being announced, disrespectful was while our alma mater was being sung and their fans were chanting their dawg chant. Come sit in the stands and put up with what the real fans have to put up with and tell me how disrespected you feel.

  2. Where does being a “class act” come in? One of the reasons I chose to support USC and not Clemson is because of the obnoxious behavior of some Clemson fans. Let’s not drop being a class act part of the gamecock nation.

    1. Millie – I agree, we should all win and lose with class. But I guess the definition of class is subjective. If our fans threw beers on opponents, used foul language in front of kids, slashed tires, etc. I would consider those classless acts. Chanting overrated at a football game is pretty harmless in the grand scheme of things, and I’d dare say expected in a rivalry of this magnitude.

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