Great Moments in the USC-UGA Rivalry – Establishing the Run

We’ll finish off our brief and fun look back at some of the great Gamecock moments against Georgia in the last 25 years by fast-forwarding to the 2010-2011 seasons.

After the wins in 2000 and 2001 for South Carolina, Georgia was able to win seven of the next eight contests. A couple of those games were not particularly close, but more often than not the Gamecocks could point to one or two plays that cost them in a tight game, i.e. fumbles on the goal line, missed extra points, etc. (We don’t really have to re-hash those do we?)

But in 2010 a young freshman named Marcus Lattimore arrived on campus in Columbia, and he had his coming out party against UGA that season, rushing for 182 yards and two TD’s in a 17-6 victory over the Bulldogs.

In 2011 a wild game broke out in Athens that had just about everything. Once again, Lattimore was a major factor for the Gamecocks, overcoming a slow start to rush for 176 yards and a touchdown. But two plays will forever stand out in Gamecock football lore.

One, a fake punt, I chronicled here as possibly the greatest special teams play in South Carolina history.

The other play essentially sealed the game for the Gamecocks (although not without some additional drama). It also introduced the college football world to a kid named Jadeveon Clowney, and firmly established Melvin Ingram as a player to watch throughout 2011.

Let’s hope we have some great moments to recount after tomorrow.  Go Cocks.