The Transitive Property Report – Week 4

Next Up: Kentucky. If they can find their way out of that pesky ballroom and onto the field that is.
“You said it’s that way, right?”

After four weeks of football we’re starting to get a better feel for who we are, as well as who our opponents are. There are aberrations, for sure, but the long term outlook for everybody is taking shape, for better (South Carolina, Georgia) or for worse (Vandy, Arkansas). Our 31-10 victory over Missouri has us all feeling great about the Gamecocks, but the schedule is about to get as tough as a two dollar steak. So let’s take a look at the Week 4 TPR and see how things are shaping up:

(A note of clarification, I do not include this past week’s opponent in the TPR.)

  • Vanderbilt – Lost to Georgia 48-3. What the hell James Franklin South? How in the world are you and the Commodores THIS bad? We thought this year was going to be different, you know, all “Anchor Down!” and stuff. You’re starting to look like a PR dream, but a coaching nightmare. TPR for Vandy: Regarding our game against them, see “aberrations” in the second sentence of this post.
  • East Carolina – Lost to North Carolina 27-6. This game was close for a half, but UNC broke it open and passed for 321 yards against the ECU defense. Don’t feel like there’s anything we can take from our game against them really, except Dylan Thompson yo. TPR for East Carolina: Was hoping they were a little better than they are, but what are you gonna do.
  • UAB – Lost to Ohio State 29-15. Hmmm, interesting. UAB was within six points until just about five minutes were left in the game. TPR for UAB: Maybe this was a more impressive win for us than I was giving credit. Feel pretty good about it today.
  • Kentucky – Lost to Florida 38-0. The only thing we have to gain from playing these guys is more game experience for our backups. They might actually be the worst team on our schedule so far. We should mutilate them much like the Gators did, so let’s just pray we get out of the Commonwealth with no major injuries. TPR for Kentucky: A nothing to gain game for us, but we should walk in this one.
  • Georgia – Beat Vanderbilt 48-3. The Bulldogs are clicking primarily due to their weak schedule, which is playing out exactly like we thought it would. They’re ranked #1 in most SEC offensive categories, and their defense finally lived up to billing against the ‘Dores last night (not that that was any great feat.) Their struggles against Mizzou make me hopeful, though, since we didn’t seem to have any problem with the Tigers on either side of the ball. Tennessee will probably not put up to much resistance ‘tween the hedges, so circle Oct. 6 as one of the biggest college football days of the season. Both USC and UGA will be top 10, and if some other team(s) falls ahead of us, maybe even top five. TPR for Georgia: I think the Dogs are legit, but I still like our chances based on what I’ve seen.
  • LSU – Beat Auburn 12-10. Ok, this one took me by surprise. I said in last week’s TPR I felt strangely confident about our game against these guys, and now I think I actually have reason. Zach Mettenberger is still feeling his way around and is not quite the quarterback Les Miles thought he would be at this point. This team is super talented, but we’ve seen super talented LSU teams falter before. TPR for LSU: Cautiously optimistic.
  • Florida – Beat Kentucky 38-0. People are saying Florida is back. I say not so fast my friends. They’re much better than they were week 1, but they have a lot left to prove. Still, with USC and UGA, they are part of the “haves” in the SEC East that can win the division. TPR for Florida: Slightly better than cautiously optimistic.
  • Tennessee – Beat Akron 47-26. Don’t let the final score fool you, this one was close most of the way. The game was tied at the half, and UT scored 17 straight in the fourth quarter to put it away. The Vols have some outstanding skill players, but are just not that talented across the board. TPR for Tennessee: No sweat.
  • Arkansas – Lost to Rutgers 35-26 (!!!). The John L. Smith Circle the Drain Tour continues unabated. TPR for Arkansas: Right now I’m not sure they could beat South Carolina State. Let’s hope it stays that way.
  • Wofford – Bye week. TPR for Wofford: STOP SCHEDULING OPTION TEAMS.
  • Clemson – Lost to Florida State 49-37. In the process gave up 667 yards (!!!) to the Seminoles. You’ve heard the saying “defense wins championships” right? Dabo hasn’t.  TPR for Clemson: Four in a row still seems likely. After yesterday, just ask any Clemson fan.

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  1. Overheard some Clemson fans at work. They are downright mad that the staff could not make adjustments to prevent FSU from coming back. They are convinced that no one can stop their offense but their defense will help teams hang with them. The funny part was when they got to talking about South Carolina. It went like this, “Do you think we can beat USC this year?” “I do. Just let Sammy Watkins do what he does best and the Shamecocks will not have an answer for him.” Huh?

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