Foto (Shoppe) Friday: Is This Really What Its Come To? Edition

How do we top Dabo in his religion-pimping, self-promotional, faux-piety disingenuity?  Let’s pray it doesn’t come to this:

You got your religion in my college football!?!

3 thoughts on “Foto (Shoppe) Friday: Is This Really What Its Come To? Edition

  1. From a long time fan and a proud Alum (class of 87)I love your blog!!, but you crossed a line here.
    Go Cocks

    1. Thanks for reading – and sorry if we offended! The point was really to point out how Dabo already crossed the line and I hope we don’t see more of this type of stunt.

  2. Dabo is exploiting religion. Having a player baptised in full pads and his jersey, and making sure photos of it are shot from the perfect angle (and circulated). Very calculated. Should religion be used to win football games? I think not.

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