TRC Roundtable – Tonight’s Playbook

TRC Roundtable is a recurring feature wherein we review various hot issues, in rapid-fire-no-holds-barred style reminiscent of MSNBC’s Hardball or a Gman family reunion.

Buck:  First thought:  thousand bucks says Lattimore gets the first touch tonight on offense.

Tbone:  Good call.

Gman:  Nope, Shaq on a reverse – recruiting promise.

Tbone:  I’ve got it:  Shaw under center,  surveys field,  calls timeout.  Coming out of timeout we have a delay of game.  Then a false start.   /begins sobbing.

Buck:  Play action to 21, then deep to Byrd.  Would be money.

Gman:  The HBC does like the bomb early.  Anyone remember his first playcall at SC?

Tbone:  Whitesides, deep.

Gman: Bingo.  So its something to watch for.

Tbone:  How bout we come out in standard 2 TE set, but flex Buster out wide.  Seam route for 6.

Gman:  Or that TE drag route he likes so much.  I love that play.

Tbone:  That or PA and sneak 21 out into the flat.  That’s an HBC fav.

Buck:  We’ll run at least one jet sweep to 3 in each half.  Mark it down.

Tbone:  But what about defense?  How is Whammy gonna call it?

Buck:  Heat.  Early and Often.

Tbone:  Naw, I say wait and see how we do with just the front 4.

Buck:  [word omitted, roughly translates as “whimp”].

Tbone:  Hey, wait!  I thought we were in the nest?  Are we not?

[. . . this segment redacted as Old School quote and giggle fest follows for 10 minutes . . .]

Tbone:  /clears throat /wipes eyes . . . So what else on D?

Gman:  Oh, I predict at least one personal foul on DJ for a late hit.

Tbone:  That’s a given.  A given.

Gman:  Look for Vandy to double 7, and for 98 to have a monster night.

Tbone:  Man, I hope no one shows this post to the Vandy coaching staff!

Buck:  Yeah, they might hurt themselves laughing.  


4 thoughts on “TRC Roundtable – Tonight’s Playbook

  1. Actual first play: in homage to the 2011 Vandy game, Connor Shaw throws directly to Casey Hayward. Granted, Casey is merely on the sideline visiting his alma mater, but the point is made.

  2. this had me crying or laughing or both, i’m not sure, but the sequence is bound to happen at some point: “Shaw under center, surveys field, calls timeout. Coming out of timeout we have a delay of game. Then a false start. /begins sobbing.”

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