Foto Friday – 25 Years Ago

What were you doing 25 years ago?

Well, I was anxiously awaiting my 1987-88 University of South Carolina pocket schedule.  That’s right, college football was so stable back in those days we could print TWO years at one time without fear of Miami of Florida jumping to the Big 8 Conference or North Carolina backing out on their home and home obligation.

It was a glorious time, that summer before my Freshman year.  How was I able to start my college career at nine years old you may ask?  Well, that’s a story for another time my friends.  For now, let’s just enjoy looking at those loose-fitting non-space-age all-cotton uniforms and pray for those linemen in the picture who are currently paying for all that steroid abuse from back in the day.

Oh, and Todd Ellis.


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  1. Roger Hovis says:

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