Frank Martin is Not As Tall As I Thought He Would Be

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting new South Carolina head basketball coach Frank Martin at the Atlanta Gamecock Club meeting tonight.  While he was as pleasant and engaging as I had heard, he wasn’t as tall as I thought.

Maybe his wide-shouldered three-button suits threw me off.

Or maybe his voice wasn’t as tall as it sounded.  I’m not sure.

But I fully expected to meet a 7′ 6″ giant of a man who could wrap his hand around my head like a small cantaloupe (only if he wanted to, of course).

Instead here was this guy who measured in at maybe…MAYBE…6′ 2″.

I feel deceived, and my hopes for the future of Carolina basketball are just a little less as I lay me down to sleep tonight.

One thought on “Frank Martin is Not As Tall As I Thought He Would Be

  1. Couple of points:
    – are you a vampire or demon-spawn creature? The camera does something weird to your face. You know, like in a horror movie. . .oh, nevermind.
    – Like the tshirt – do all TRC staff folks get one of those?
    – 6’0″? Is that on your toes?
    – You might want to mix in a salad every now and then.

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