The Buck Sweep – #BruceWatch2012 Edition

What could possibly cause Bruce Ellington to announce one week he’s giving up football to play basketball exclusively, then turn around the following week and say he’s reconsidering his decision?

My guess is he went back and watched 2004’s most excellent sports movie Friday Night Lights, and specifically the scene where Boobie Miles realizes his football career is over:

Video note: Public Enemy jacket, mid-top fade, acid wash jeans – like looking in a mirror from 1988.

OK, maybe the thought of never playing football again spurred by a movie scene isn’t it. My guess is 23 immediately regretted his decision, and decided to talk to the HBC about it.  To the HBC’s credit he apparently didn’t try to talk Bruce into anything, probably helped him sort through all the pros and cons, and told him to sit on it a for a few days before making a final, final, final decision.

My personal feeling is he made the right decision when he chose basketball only, but I admit that’s the selfish fan in me speaking.  Ellington is exciting on the football field, but his 317 yards from scrimmage and 2 TD’s can be replaced.  He has great potential as a kick returner, but so do three or four other guys on the team.

He is critical to the success of our basketball program.  His sophomore numbers were similar to his freshman numbers, but the games and practices he missed hurt both the team and his personal development.  I don’t blame the guy for doing it, mind you.  Again, I’m just being a selfish basketball fan who really wants to see this program get turned around in a hurry.

I fully expect his final decision to be football and basketball again.  And I’ll be excited to see him do both, even if I disagree with it.

On to the sweep…

The Rumor Mill. Eric Hyman made an interesting statement when announcing the new basketball coach search, essentially saying “whatever rumors you hear, they ain’t coming from me or my department.” But it has also not stopped the mill from turning.

Gregg Marshall is fading, asking for too much money. Frank Martin (LOVE) is the hot name today, even though he’s been out recruiting for Kansas State since their elimination from the NCAA tournament.  Tommy Amaker is a top candidate.  Tubby Smith is going to get a good look.  Shaka Smart would be on the list, but he appears to be headed to Illinois.  Steve Alford’s season at New Mexico has put him in the conversation.

All of the above appear to be nothing more than rousing from the rabble that run blogs and post on message boards. If Hyman is to be believed, nobody knows nothin’.  And frankly that’s the way I like it.

If I were a betting man, I’d take the field over anybody listed above.

Falling Skies. I keep up with our baseball team pretty closely, but I have to admit on opening day when I looked at our roster I was taken aback.  While we have a deep starting pitching staff, and some veterans out of the pen, many days our lineup consists of anywhere from five to seven newcomers.  Talented newcomers, no doubt, but newcomers nonetheless.

That didn’t make the weekend sweep at the hands of a fired up Kentucky team any easier to take, though. So far this team is lacking timely hits and its play in the field has left a lot to be desired.  With a home series with #1-ranked Florida on the horizon things certainly don’t get any easier.

There is definitely reason for concern, but nobody needs to panic just yet.  There will be bumps in the road, but as the lineup gets settled and some of the freshmen get more acclimated to the college game this team will win on a consistent basis.

I can see this team hosting a regional, but probably not a super.  But with Roth, Price, Holmes, Webb et al on the mound, I still like our chances to get back to Omaha.

And if we are 1-5 or 0-6 after this weekend, don’t go trying to buy  This program is built to win for many years to come.

MMT&A. Are you a fan of MMA/UFC?  First, The Ultimate Fighter on Friday nights on Spike TV is a serious adrenaline rush.  I recommend.  Second, watch this promo of the March 3 fight between Ronda Rousy and Miesha Tate.  Then watch the entire fight itself.

Now that’s entertainment.

Buck. Out.