Behind the Scenes: UNC Football Series Negotiations

So word has finally leaked that USC and UNC are deep in talks about a proposed 5 game series in football.  No one on our side of the border is talking yet, but note reports such as this are prevalent:

With the info now out there, we here at TRC feel comfortable releasing our own intel on the topic, which we’ve been holding close for some time now.  Our own crack investigative team has uncovered intra-office memos detailing the Gamecock AD’s approach to the negotiations.  Don’t ask us how we came across the info (OK, Gman is a janitor in the AD’s Office), and please do NOT forward or disseminate publicly:

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2 Responses to Behind the Scenes: UNC Football Series Negotiations

  1. johnsha says:

    LOL: This is an all time classic for the rubber chickens.

  2. Gamecocksabre says:

    I haven’t seen anything about this on any other site. But I hope its true. They are, without a doubt, my least favorite university. That even includes Clemson. Beating them would make the whole season for me.


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