Carolina Dominates Clemson . . . AGAIN (a few quick thoughts)

photo by Chris Gillespie of GCC

This doesn’t even qualify as a ‘Snap Judgment’ post – I’ll leave that to Buck and tomorrow and time and cooler heads, but HOW FREAKING GOOD DID THAT FEEL?!?!

I’m gonna avoid trying to be witty, or thorough, or insightful, and will just give out some game balls;

– To the HBC, for coming here in the first place, putting CTU in proper perspective, and changing the whole feel of this rivalry.

– To Ellis Johnson, for coming with a gameplan and shutting their skill guys out.

– To John Butler, cause you haven’t earned one yet this year.  You better get your unit squared away IMMEDIATELY as the only reason this game was ever close was because of your unit.

– To Melvin Ingram, way to go out in style.  Unblockable at times.

– To Kenny Miles, ditto on the style points.  Good to see #31 go out with a bang.

– To Connor Shaw.  Man, what can we say.  Coming out party?  We’ve got ourselves a quarterback, people.

– To DJ Swearinger.   The CTU coaches gotta hate they didn’t offer you early.

– To Stephon Gilmore – the sack on the first play from scrimmage set the tone for the rest of the game.  Oh, and who was that guy wearing #2 for CTU?  Look like you pretty well blanketed him up.

– To Buster Anderson.  Only a freshman, but came up strong and HUGE.

Ther’s more but I’m worn out and a little drunk.  I’ll leave you with this:  Our team physically whipped the orange necks:  on both lines of scrimmage, and even in the defensive backfield.  Those CTU wideouts weren’t dropping balls for no reason.




Tbone out.