Let’s Just Do It

Inspired by TRC Patron Saint, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, a list of things for you to do – RIGHT NOW.

First, in memorium:

Now, get busy with the following:

– Read this article by “Mr. CFB” Tony Barnhardt.  Yes I just rec’d an article by Tony Barnhardt, and yes I hate myself a little for it.  But wisdom and perspective are found, my friend, in yonder link.

– Watch “American Horror Story” Wednesday nights at 10:00 pm on FX.  Its not the smartest show on TV, but it is the creepiest, and gets downright disturbing now and then.  No, I’m not talking about Kentucky football.

– Follow @ITS_DABO on twitter.  I don’t know who this cat is, but his twitter feed is gold, I tell you, GOLD.

– Apply for the Ole Miss head coaching job.  The job is now posted on their HR department, and hey, you couldn’t do any worse than losing to LaTech, could you?

– Contact anyone you know from the University of Missouri and welcome them to the Southeastern Conference.  Might as well, as it looks like they are already making themselves at home. [ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL UNLOCKED:  Coaching Staff Arrest +1]

– Watch the following, which teaches you everything you need to know about the Trollface meme (h/t here):

– Honk your horn when you pass a Dollar General.  It is obnoxious, but it also entertains the CTU fans.

– Don’t watch the following during lunch, but do watch it:

– And last but not least, quit playing on the internet and get back to work, RIGHT NOW!