Prepare Yourself, Boys (The Hogs Hit)

Whether legally or illegally, these guys will hit you.    Be advised, Gamecocks.


A few thoughts here:

–  Players play like they are coached to play.  Which made Chris Culliver (last year’s human personal foul machine) all the more disturbing.

–  Does Vandy play Arkansas next year?  If so, MUST SEE TV.

–  James Franklin continues to impress:  First, he personally corrals his own angered mob, then he checks on his injured warrior, then he starts bending the ref’s ear.

–  Dave Neal BRINGS IT, and BRINGS IT EARLY on the call for ejection.  This is a Dave Neal that could OWN Raycom sports, if it existed anymore.

–  Who’s the Arky coach that gets a fistful of the back of Wade’s jersey and escorts him out?

– Wait, Vandy still lost this game somehow?  /facepalm