Snap Judgements – Navy @ USC Edition

Some quick, barely researched, not fully formed thoughts from yesterday’s nail-biting 24-21 win over the Naval Academy:

We would like to officially announce Marcus Lattimore’s candidacy for the Heisman Trophy. It’s still very early, but after his 246-yard rushing, 25-yard receiving game on Saturday, #21 put himself squarely into the Heisman conversation. From the first offensive series you could see Navy wasn’t going to be able to stop him, and he bulled his way to his most productive game as a Gamecock. He currently leads the NCAA in rushing with 534 yards after three games. 

The only carry where he lost yardage came on a toss sweep on fourth down late in the game that could’ve sealed the game, and it also came about two plays after I had texted to Tbone and Gman “A toss sweep would be money here.” I meant to the WIDE side of the field coach!

Stephen Garcia, the time is NOW. Garcia didn’t have a bad game last night, but he could’ve had a great game (and this game might not have been so close) had he connected on a few early passes that sailed high. His interception was very Garcia-esque, killing a drive early in the second half that would’ve put us in control of the game. Spurrier took the blame for the play call, but that’s a ball you have to eat. If we are going to meet any of the lofty goals we have in our sights in 2011, #5 is going to have to have a remarkable awakening and play like the quarterback we’ve always thought he could be. Enough roller coaster, let’s have a nice long stretch of flat highway for a change.

Putting out an All Points Bulletin for Alshon Jeffery. Coming into the Navy game I think most Gamecock fans thought Lattimore would get his, but that this would also be Jeffery’s breakout game for 2011.  Unfortunately he was suspended for the start of the game for breaking the infamous undisclosed team rule, and then was never really a factor once he did come into the game, catching only two passes. He’s had a slow start to the season by his standards, and knowing that teams will gear up more and more each week to stop #21, he’ll need to start playing more like the Alshon Jeffery we’ve come to know and love.

Welcome to USC Nick Jones and Jason Barnes. Good to see these two youngsters have some meaningful catches in a game. Hopefully these guys will continue to improve over the years and help our stable of wide receivers live up to their billing. Wait, WHAT? Jason Barnes is a SENIOR?!?

Obligatory Jadeveon Clowney bullet point. Once again, fairly quiet for the majority of the game, and then when a play needs to be made, boom. That last series for Navy he was scary good.

I‘ll give the DB’s a break this week. As a matter of fact, I’m going to give the entire defense a break this week. I saw a lot of tweets about the “missed assignments” and “secondary breakdowns” on Navy’s completions.  To be fair, the two long third-down and one fourth-down completion came on scramble plays by a pretty elusive quarterback, and those types of plays can get dangerous in a hurry. Fortunately, our guys made plays when they had to, and that’s the bottom line. But with some pretty explosive offensive attacks coming at us down the road, we need a lot, a LOT, of improvement on the defensive side of the ball.

Jay Wooten. Clutch.

They were who I thought they were. As the week leading up to this game wore on, the more I had a sinking feeling this game was going to go down to the wire, and I was hoping we would be able to squeak out a win. Navy is a difficult team to prepare for because of their scheme, and they are extremely well-coached. Give them credit for making a lot of plays when they had to as well.

Dude, you’re completely delusional…oh, and thank you for serving our country. Navy fullback Alexander Tiech after the game: “I’m not going to lie, I think we were the better team.” Well, sir, you are entitled to your opinion, no matter how wrong it is.    

We’re 3-0. As they say in tournament ball – survive and advance.   



One thought on “Snap Judgements – Navy @ USC Edition

  1. I am going to blame the coaching and not the team. We have the talent. We are not playing as a team. We are playing to individual greatness but not as a well oiled machine. We do not have a game plan. We are playing in the moment and adjusting to each and every down. Bottom line we are not playing the South Carolina gamebook we are playing against our opponent. We are playing against our opponents strengths and not to their weaknesses. We are not playing to our strengths. ie We are not letting Garcia get into a rhythm. For instance, run Lattimore first and second down then throw to Jeffery on third. Then as Garcia settles into the game move the ball around. Stop forcing looking for a second receiver and looking for a back up to Lattimore. If Latti gets hurt then someone step up and use our other strengths. Play Carolina ball not next saturdays opponent. Work every week improving Carolina ball not our knowledge of the other team. ie Navy! Did Navy adjust to us NO they played Navy ball. The option is easy to stop when your DTs and DEs are busting through their OL and disrupting everyone. We were 30 40 lbs the heavier and faster, why are we sitting back waiting on them. Tell me if when the full back comes thru the line you smash him whether he has the ball or not, you smash the QB everytime he comes down the line whether he pitches it or not and you tackle the half back whether he receives the pitch or not, I guarantee you those guys are not going to want to carry the ball by the fourth quarter. Simple. Beat them up thats why you have big fast guys. I WANT TO SEE CAROLINA FOOTBALL! Now let’s go play our gameplan!

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